MI5 calls on Tech companies help

Sir Andrew Parker, MI5’s director general, has called on the technology and social media companies to establish a technical feature in their software platforms that allowed spy agencies “exceptional access”  and law enforcement access to encrypted messages, amid fear they … Continue reading MI5 calls on Tech companies help

MI5 to improve

MI5 is enhancing working procedures after accepting calls from the coroner at the inquests into the 7/7 London bombings, which killed 52 people. Lady Justice Hallett had called for improved record-keeping and procedures for showing photographs to informants. They were among nine recommendations she made for MI5, the emergency services and Transport for London. MI5 said it had invested in a new IT system to allow higher-quality photographs to be sent to agents. The agency had come under fire during the inquest for having cropped a clear colour photograph of plot ringleader Mohammad Siddique Khan so badly it could not … Continue reading MI5 to improve