Ali G at Harvard

A big shout to the Harvard Massive.

Ali G, the lovable gangsta-rapping creation of Sacha Baron Cohen, amused Harvard’s Class of 2004 – and also the attending relatives of the allumni gathered at the Class Day ceremonies on Wednesday afternoon (June 9) in Tercentenary Theater in Harvard. For once the character Ali G was almost speechless in being there and expressed more awe than advice during his talk.

He opened his talk with his signature “Booyakasha!”. Ali who is the star of HBO’s/Channel 4 “Da Ali G Show” called the graduating seniors “da most cleverest of students in America.”

As always he demonstrated a host of malapropisms and demonstrating his naive ignorance and misinformed information that is in true character with the infamous television interviews he’s provided us all with in the past. He spoke of past students, and Harvard’s proud heritage of Harvard past scholars, including “President George Clinton” [sic] and Lyndon Baines Johnson, “or as he is known, JFK!”…. Or most importantly, that really fit hottie from ‘Star Wars,’” he said, whilst speaking of his ‘admiration’ – not necessarily scholarly – of Natalie Portman.

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