UN Condemns Mali of “Heinous” Violence against UN Peacekeepers

Four United Nations peacekeepers in Mali were killed and five others wounded in an attack by unidentified armed elements on Wednesday, the UN mission in the country has said.  The peacekeepers’ convoy was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED), and the … Continue reading UN Condemns Mali of “Heinous” Violence against UN Peacekeepers

ORG : Current Report on Mali

ORG’s April and May Global Monthly Security Briefings covered the current status of the al-Qaeda movement, and a loosely related development, the growth of the radical Boko Haram Islamist group in northern Nigeria. Since those briefings, there have been further developments. One issue of current concern relates to recent events in the West African state of Mali. Paul Rogers discusses the current security situation in Mali its context and assesses the implications of a possible foreign military intervention. Read more Source : Oxford Research Group Related articles UN Concerned About Rising Terror Threat in Mali (blogs.voanews.com) Mali Focus of West … Continue reading ORG : Current Report on Mali