Tax Justice UK Update

Our campaign for wealth taxes has hit a nerve among those who advise the super rich.

“At the first hint” of a wealth tax, The Express wrote on Sunday, “private jets will be lining the tarmac.”

Quoting our analysis, the newspaper interviewed wealth managers who expressed alarm at the prospect of their clients’ assets being taxed.

The article entitled “Rich to flee UK” predicts that the wealthy will leave the UK if their wealth is taxed. But I think this does a disservice to the millions of wealthy people out there who want to help build a better country.

Julia Davies, a member of Patriotic Millionaires, put the point succinctly on BBC 5 Live a few weeks ago: “you cannot move mansions abroad.”

Many rich people simply wouldn’t want to leave anyway. As Julia put it – “wealthy people want to live in the UK because it’s a great place to live”.

Wealth managers – who Prem Sikka calls the “pinstripe mafia” – pushing back on our calls for wealth taxes really shows our message is getting through. I predict more howls of anguish as we get closer to increasing taxes on wealth.

Fair tax councils win

We have some great news to share with you. In June we launched a joint campaign with the Fair Tax Foundation to convince councils to have fairer tax processes. And you sent thousands of emails to your local councilors using our tool.

It’s seen a huge response. The number of councils signed up to the Fair Tax Pledge has doubled since we launched the action. See if your council has signed up yet.

Councils who sign-up pledge to take a stand against companies with links to tax havens. This is all thanks to the messages you sent.

Warm this winter

As the weather changes and energy bills skyrocket, many are struggling to keep the lights and the heating on.

The government must do more to support the most vulnerable through this energy shock.

On Saturday our allies at Warm This Winter are holding events around the UK to demand the government act.

Source: Tax Justice UK 🇬🇧