Vicious “Green Goblin” Attack In New York

Four suspects have been arrested for the subway attack that took place earlier this month.

Six women wearing full neon green bodysuits assaulted and robbed two 19-year-old girls on a Times Square subway train at approximately 2 a.m. Sunday last week in what newpapers are calling the “Green Goblin” attack . Only one brave passenger stepped in to help, and in doing so he also took hits and punches from the group of girls wearing green.

The victims told authorities that they had a verbal altercation with the suspects before turning physical. The gang followed them to the next carriage and attacked the teens.

After attacking the two victims, the suspects took the victims’ cell phones, credit cards, a wallet and other personal items. One mother of one of the victims was annoyed that people chose to record the attack instead of trying to help, and said of the response from other passengers to the attack, “All these males watching and filming, and none of them helped while a group of ten ladies were beating up two young girls”.

Police have arrested four members of the "Green Goblin" crew subway attackers
Police have arrested four members of the “Green Goblin” crew subway attackers. The fouth attacker Diariana Peguero handed herself into police.

The same unnamed mother said that her daughter was doing a business and international studies course in Florida, spent the weekend visiting family in her Queens hometown. The mother explained, “She was home from college. She is currently undergoing chest X-rays and CT scans. She is in agonising pain. You can see the girl kicking her in one video, and her foot got trapped in my daughter’s bag strap.”
The other victim’s mother informed the press that her daughter was experiencing vomiting as a result of the concussion and is currently having a CT scan of her head performed.

Police announced Monday that another member of the “Green Goblin” gang who is accused of beating and robbing two teenagers on the subway has turned himself in.

So far the authorities appear to have apprehended 4 of the suspects involved in the attack with the fouth suspect Dariana Peguero, 26 having handed herself to the NYC police.

According to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig, Dariana Peguero, 26, turned herself in to the Manhattan warrant squad on Saturday. She was charged with felony robbery and put on supervised release after being charged. In relation to the odd attack on the Times Square subway station on October 2, Peguero is the fourth member of the group to face charges.

“We’re still trying to identify the other people that were there and determine how much damage they caused” the police chief said of the most recent suspect in handcuffs, “That’s the fourth one that we had actively involved in the robberies and the assault.”