Mark Thomas and Mum’s Lockdown Podcast

Mark Thomas is an English comedian, presenter, political satirist, journalist and broadcaster from south London. He first became known as a guest comic on the BBC Radio 1 comedy show The Mary Whitehouse Experience in the 80’s and Channel 4 Dispatches .

Probably he is best known for his political stunts on his own show, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product on Channel 4. Thomas describes himself as a “libertarian anarchist”. One of his episodes dealing with a Secret Map of Britain is available below.

Mark has described his political ideology as ‘Libertarian Anarchy’, he is also a best selling author and broadcaster

Over Lockdown Mark moved back in with his mum for the duration of the pandemic. He’s 57 and she’s 85. He says she’s curmudgeonly; she says he’s the most aggravating person on the planet!

They both have produced a six-part podcast, as they reflects on their lockdown life together while investigating the wider impact of Covid-19 this can be found at

Mark Thomas’s lockdown check-up trailer Mark Thomas’s lockdown check-up

In this six-part podcast Mark Thomas reflects on lockdown life with his elderly mum while investigating the wider impact of COVID-19. Every night Mark calls health and care workers across the country for a chat. Humbling and often heartbreaking, these conversations reveal what life is like on the coronavirus front line.
  1. Mark Thomas’s lockdown check-up trailer
  2. Episode 6: What lies ahead
  3. Episode 5: Stress tests
  4. Episode 4: Splendid isolation
  5. Episode 3: It’s good to talk
Mark Thomas and his mother produced their thoughts on lockdown
– in support of the “Wellcome Collection”

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