MSF working in UK to combat Coronavirus

DR ALAN PEREIRA COVID CARE MEDICAL TEAM LEADER Dr Alan Pereira is a doctor and public health specialist with MSF and has worked in emergencies all over the world, including the crisis in South Sudan and conflicts in Yemen and Syria.

Right now, he’s working in London. MSF has deployed within the UK.   He is the Medical Team Leader at COVID Care, a new centre providing COVID-19 treatment to London’s incredibly vulnerable homeless community.

While it is unusual for MSF to launch a project in such a high-income country, it is in our DNA to provide life-saving humanitarian aid wherever we see that there are people in need.  

Confronting COVID-19: Join our video briefing  
At 12 pm on Wednesday 20 May, you can join Dr Pereira and  Danielle Ritzau-Reid who works in Bangladesh,  and MSF UK Executive Director Vickie Hawkins for a special video chat event. MSF will be answering your questions about the humanitarian impact of COVID-19, and how the pandemic is evolving in more than 70 countries where MSF works. To register press this link  and feel free to ask a question ahead of time.  

Preparing for the pandemic in Bangladesh Delivering healthcare against the backdrop of the world’s largest refugee camp is challenging on the best of days. But, for the MSF team at Cox’s Bazar – home to a million Rohingya refugees – preparing for the arrival of the pandemic presents a herculean task.   

Dr. Paul Brockman of MSF writes from Bangladesh about how we are striving to get ahead of the potential outbreak and protect an understandably frightened community from this new threat.   Five lockdown tips from MSF field workers Since entering “lockdown”, life in the UK has changed faster and more dramatically than any of us could have imagined. But, working in conflict zones and dangerous environments around the world means that these kinds of restrictions are something that MSF staff actually have lots of experience with.

A group of my colleagues have shared five important tips for adjusting to life in confinement.  COVID-19 in East Africa’s crisis zones Several countries across East Africa are already struggling with healthcare crises caused by conflict and the displacement of millions of people.

Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia are also on the frontline of climate change and environmental threats with floods, droughts and vast locust swarms recently devastating some areas.

Abubakr Bakri, a health advisor with MSF in East Africa, has presented a short video about how our teams are facing up to COVID-19 so that MSF can still help women to give birth and sick children to recover.

  Lastly, Dr. Pereira adds that all of at COVID Care in the team in London, that everyone and their loved ones remain safe and well during these times. .


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