St. Nicholas–the wonder giving Saint


St-Nicholas-forensic-reconstitutionThe pictures below are of Patara, off the south west coast of Lycia on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This is the site where legend has it that a young Ἅγιος Νικόλαος (St. Nicholas) dropped money into a poor man’s house over three nights so that the man could afford the dowry for his three daughters thus saving them from destitution and being sold off into prostitution. St Nicholas had lived near Patara in the area that is known as Myra, Lycia (part of modern-day Demre which we know to be near in the Antalia province ). He had been orphaned at an early age but had been left money as his family were wealthy. He was a devout Christian and became a bishop of Myra. Many famous stories are told of him including where he brought back to life a seaman who died after from the mast of the ship St. Nicholas was traveling on destined for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. St. Nicholas had warned of a storm but informed the sailers that “God would protect” the ship. Another miracle concerned the asking of sailors to unload wheat at the port of Myra which had experienced famine – the wheat destined for the Emperor of Constantinople when arriving was found to weigh the same even though enough wheat was given to Myra that lasted the people for two years. He also famously resurrecting three boys killed by a butcher and their bodies left in a barrel to be sold ‘cured ham’ during a period of famine. He is known for pardoning prisoners, the saint of children and of sailors whom his miracles protected during their voyages. We only know of St, Nicholas after his remains were famously stolen from a church in Myra by seamen who sent these to Bari in Italy – he would otherwise have never been known for being the generous miracle working Saint we know him today.


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