Order! The Speaker to be elected 2015

The House of Commons must elect its Speaker after each general election.

The House will meet at 2.30pm on 18 May, for the first time after the 2015 general election, for the election of the Commons Speaker.

The process for choosing a Speaker of the House of Commons starts on Monday 18 May 2015. Depending on the outcome of proceedings on 18 May the process may continue on Tuesday 19 May 2015.

How is a Speaker elected?

On Monday 18 May, the Commons, led by the Father of the House Sir Gerald Kaufman, will go to the House of Lords where they will receive a message from the Queen asking them to elect a Speaker. They then return to the House of Commons and begin the process immediately, under the direction of the Father of the House.
If John Bercow, the Speaker before the general election, wishes to stand for re-election as Speaker, a motion is put before the House ‘that John Bercow do take the Chair of this House as Speaker’.

This is known as a ‘question to the House’ and if this is opposed by MPs on the floor of the House a decision is then made by division (vote).

If the returning Speaker does not wish to stand again, or if the House votes against the appointment of the former Speaker, a contested election by exhaustive secret ballot takes place to choose a new Speaker. The ballot would take place on the following day, 19 May 2015

When the House has agreed, the Member named in the motion takes the Chair as Speaker-elect and is traditionally dragged ‘reluctantly’ to the chair.
On the day after the election, the Speaker-elect goes to the House of Lords to receive the Queen’s approbation from a Royal Commission.

courtesy: UK Parliament

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