Viacom versus Youtube again!

The US court of appeal has agreed the decision to allow media giant Viacom to have another court hearing in their lawsuit against Google over it’s viral company Youtube over copyright infringement – accusing Youtube of  “massive intentional infringement”.

This action follows a previous court case In 2010, where a lower court dismissed Viacom’s $1bn (£630m) case against Google. The court of appeals said the dismissal was based on a mistake, as a jury could have reasonably found that YouTube knew of specific copyright infringements.

Viacom owns  MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Viacom had claimed that “tens of thousands of videos” based on its copyrighted works had been posted on YouTube, and that both YouTube and its owner Google had known about it but had done nothing about it.

Google and YouTube had argued that they were entitled to “safe harbour” protection under digital copyright law because they had insufficient notice of particular alleged offences.

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