Brendan Sheerin – Coach Trip

If like me you like to enjoy watching life look more enjoyable, then you might want to take 50mins out to the globe-trotting Brendan Sheerin – who unlike most reality stars is actually star!

He’s written a book I believe reflecting on his life and travel – and I think perhaps the ‘national institution’ that the Guardian call him deserves to be acknowledged. He’s caring and loves his travels and will always tell someone to take it easy when they need to – and when emotions fly he, like a mental health professional spots and can deal with discord within a group.

Not only is he a  international coach trip guide, but he seems to know how to deal with people who agree to go on a 30 day trip around Europe and vote each other off the coach.

His paternal and often maternal role; his knowledge of history and his basic worldly experience demands this man is seen and maybe talked to a lot more on television now

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