Zahawi Says Army Will be Deployed to Ease Strike Disruption

Nadhim Zahawi, the chairman of the Conservative Party, suggested that the army may be employed to lessen the disruption brought on by strikes in the public sector. Following the announcement that workers may strike before Christmas by the UK’s largest trade union, Mr. Zahawi said in a statement on Sunday that the government was considering using army personnel to operate ambulances in an effort to limit disruption.

Speaking to Sky News’s “Sophy Ridge On Sunday” show, he said having backup plans in place was the right and responsible thing to do, adding, “We have a very strong team at Cobra who are doing a lot of the work in looking at what we need to do to minimise the disruption to people’s lives.”

“We have looking at the military, we are looking at a specialist response force which we have actually set up a number of years ago. We have to make sure are borders are always secure and that is something we guarantee. Things like driving ambulances and other parts of the public sector – we have got to try and minimise disruption.”

Thousands of 999 call handlers, ambulance technicians, paramedics, and their coworkers employed by ambulance services in the Northeast, Northwest, London, Yorkshire, and the Southwest will go on strike later this month, according to a Unison announcement last week.

Although no specific date has been set, it is just the most recent sector to declare a strike after nurses and train employees both went on long-term strikes. Along with specific working conditions, the members of the strike have demanded a wage raise in light of the rising inflation rates.

Mr. Zahawi defended the government by stating that the Russian invasion had resulted in high inflation and that the prime minister is working to reduce the rate— which is currently 11.1%—through a sound fiscal strategy. Mr. Zahawi asserted that Vladimir Putin has exploited the energy problem as a weapon, adding, He said that Putin’s energy use has resulted in very high inflation rates and that the UK Government must work to lower inflation.

“If you chase inflation or above inflation then you will embed inflation for longer and hurt the most vulnerable in fact.” he said.