Man dubbed the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ says he lived in fear of being on a ISIS Kill List


After bravely repelling a knife-wielding terrorist, a South London man known as the “Lion of London Bridge” was left afraid for his life after police allegedly informed him he might be on an ISIS murder list. Regarded by many as the ‘hero’ who tackled London Bridge jihadists in his new book he reveals he “feared for his life” because he was waarned he could be have be targetted by Islamic extremists and added to “ISIS kill list.”

Roy Larner, 53, claimed that after the attack five years ago, in which he was stabbed eight times by Islamic terrorists, the police advised him to maintain a low profile. In June 2017, while having a beer with friends at the Black & Blue steakhouse in Southwark’s Borough Market, Mr. Larner famously yelled, “F*** you, I’m Millwall,” as he engaged the assailants.

Mr. Larner retreated alone to a caravan near Romney Marsh on the Kent coast when he had healed from his wounds. However, he found it difficult to resume his usual life after authorities warned him that extreme jihadists would be looking for him in retaliation for his bravery.

I should have been enjoying the remainder of my life because I had accomplished something so amazing, but it was impossible, according to Mr. Larner. Even the cops warned me to exercise caution because I might be on ISIS’s murder list. It felt like a nightmare. I was getting nightmares, which kept me from wanting to go to sleep. To stay awake, I was taking amphetamine. I once started breaking everything, including the television. When the police were contacted, they discovered he was in possession of amphetmines and he was arrested.

His racist attitudes in the past

A video showing Mr. Larner spitting at a black photographer and yelling expletives at him in Elephant and Castle earlier in the year surfaced in 2017 when he was receiving medical treatment for his wounds. He was expelled from MP Neil Coyle’s Bermondsey office a month after the London Bridge assault for calling Muslims “pig-eating c****.” Later, Mr. Larner issued an apology for the events at Elephant and Castle.

According to him, all Muslims were terrorists before the attack, he told the Local Democracy Reporting Service. But after that, I was asked to a mosque, where I entered, made friends, and that was a step in the right direction. I now understand that good and evil exist everywhere.

Love football, and both football hooligans and regular fans of the sport exist.
Even Prevent, the government’s anti-terror watch list, formerly included Mr. Larner. In response to far-right organisations unveiling banners with his name on them at various marches in the capital after the 2017 incident, he claimed that he believes police incorrectly dealt with the association and ‘got the wrong end of the stick’ he says.

As a result of the London Bridge tragedy, Mr. Larner now reserves his rage for the authorities who, in his opinion, let him down. He claims that five years later, he has still not received the required counselling and has been denied reimbursement for his injuries because of his criminal record.

Mr Larner said he suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder following the incident, but was basically abandoned, “I’ve been let down by the local MPs… They preferred not to interact in person. The police officers that drove me to the hospital I was never able to meet. At the inquest, they played the CCTV footage of my fight without alerting me. I learned through the news reports” he said “I hope what happened to me never happens to anyone else again. I got let down by them all if makes me angry”.

The public’s gratitude and support, according to Mr. Larner, who now resides in Nunhead, helped him get through the challenging times. In appreciation for his bravery, his football team Millwall also gave him a lifetime free season ticket. A book on Mr. Larner’s life and how the 2017 London Bridge assault altered it has been published. The book “The Lion of London Bridge” is currently on sale.

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