Suffolk DJ Dies while presenting his morning show

A local Suffolk DJ was performing his morning broadcast when he passed away. Tim Gough, a local radio DJ in Suffolk, passed away while hosting his programme.

On Monday, GenX Radio Suffolk tweeted: “I must break the news to you with the deepest sorrow that our beloved friend and breakfast broadcaster Tim Gough passed away this morning while delivering his programme. We send our love to his mother, father, sister, and son. Tim was doing what he loved. e was 5-years old  x, RIP, buddy.”

It’s believed that Mr. Gough was broadcasting when he passed away in his home studio. Mark Eley, a fellow GenX presenter, was among those who paid tribute. In addition to saying that he had learned “so much from Tim” and that he had “great” talent and enthusiasm for radio, he claimed that the station was in shock.

Nigel Mayes a friend of the presenter, responded on social media by tweeting: “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tim for a considerable number of years, and I have to agree with what so many others have said about how lovely he is. He will be sorely missed. I’m sorry for Tim’s family, xx.”
Another friend, Jason King wrote of Tim Gough, “Tim was one of the kindest people I knew.”
“It has been a great privilege to have him as a close friend for more than two decades. Thoughts with Isaac and his family, he died far too soon.”

David K Game talked about listening as a younger lister to his radio shows Orwell and Saxon tweeted “Local radio legend from back in my days of listening to him on Orwell and Saxon. Deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.”

Mr. Gough was born and raised in Suffolk and had over 25 years of radio experience.
He had previously worked for stations in the county, East Midlands stations, Smooth Radio, and other stations.