Stephen Fry on 21st Century Firsts

Stephen Fry, comedian author and broadcaster and a self confessed ‘technology lover’ looks back over the last 20 years at the firsts since the 21st Century began in the year 2000.

Here we see a collection of firsts including the invention of Bluetooth and SatNav (including the first voice); the rise of social media and online services whose wealth has exponentially grown to make them the richest commodities.

Historical and Cultural event’s are covered in the years since the Millennium, including the provision of Civil  Partnerships and Same-sex Marriage legislation, and other defining moments such as the presidency of the first Black US President, Barack Obama. Technology firsts like the Apple iPhone; Drones, the invention of Graphene, and even 3D Printing is all discussed.

Below is his recent documentary shown on ITV (Independent Television) first shown in December 2019

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