Ulrich Larsen – The North Korean Mole

Ulrich Larsen KFA Mole

Ulrich Larsen, called “the Mole”, was a former chef living on benefits who spent 10 years infiltrating the Korean Friendship Association (KFA).

Alejandro Cao de Benos

He quickly rose through the ranks and gains the trust of KFA leader Alejandro Cao de Benós from Spain. Cao de Benós tells the Mole that he is looking for possible investors that are willing to invest in North Korea, despite sanctions against the country. Brügger decides to inject into the story a “Mr. James” (Jim Latrache-Qvortrup), pretending to be a possible investor.

They both meet with Cao de Benós about the sale of drugs and weapons from North Korea, and are given the access to travel to North Korea, where they sign a contract with North Korea to produce drugs and weapons in another country.

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The Mole: Undercover in North Korea is a 2020 documentary miniseries written and directed by Mads Brügger.

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