Internet For Sale

internet for sale

Is it me or do I think the web has become far TOO commercial?

I’ve been trying to find some rare old movies on Youtube and everything I’m seeing on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo are links to subscription/pay sites with flashing arrows; or the pathetic YouTube un-smiley face telling me it’s in violation of copyright or not available in a country due to copyright – so it’s not available to view under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

Why does this smack of suppression??!!

Same goes for Vimeo, Dailymotion, and god knows how many other sites that are following suit. Yes, we could BUY the videos – however that’s if they’re ACTUALLY available to BUY! Some films are old, and not the latest one out and therefore not always available. And if you’ve never seen a movie it’s pot luck just buying it.

I thought I’d just test out a search on “The Ten Commandments” (1956) also “The Days of Wine and Roses” again both old and Oscar winning in their day – Yes, they were on YouTube etc, but all showing ‘copyright’ violations or annoying links to the subscription sites.

This will have an adverse affect on the freedom people have to view a film and then decide to buy/purchase the film. What these greedy corporations have done is deny access to those who may not have heard or seen old films and they never will.

The only thing people will see of course are the endless cats falling off skateboards; American teenagers squeezing their spots on their home made viral clips, Taylor Swift and One Direction pop videos, or endless American documentaries by the time the rapacious corporations have finished with the Net.

The net has been sold off a long time ago!


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