Global Conference on Cyber Space 2015

On the occasion of the April 2015 Global Conference on Cyberspace meeting in The Hague, the Commission calls on the global community to build a new social compact between citizens and their elected representatives, the judiciary, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, business, civil society and the internet technical community, with the goal of restoring trust and enhancing confidence in the internet.

It is now essential that governments, collaborating with all other stakeholders, take steps to build confidence that the right to privacy of all people is respected on the internet. It is essential at the same time to ensure the rule of law is upheld. The two goals are not exclusive; indeed, they are mutually reinforcing. Individuals and businesses must be protected both from the misuse of the internet by terrorists, cyber criminal groups and the overreach of governments and businesses that collect and use private data.

The conference will look at the following safeguards

1 Privacy and personal data protection as fundamental human right
2 The necessity and proportionality of surveillance
3 Legal Transparency and redress for unlawful surveillance
4 Safeguarding Online Data and Consumer Awareness
5 Big Data and Trust
6 Strengthening Private Communications
7 No back doors to private data
8 Public awareness of good cyber security practice
9 Mutual Assistance to curtail transborder cyber threats

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The conference took place at Hague in Geneva between the 16th-17th April 2015
For more information and for the chair report and summary of the conference please go to

The chairs outcome speech can be read here:

Click to access Chairs%20Statement%20GCCS2015%20-%2017%20April.pdf

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