Gorgeous George – Admire or Hate Him

George Galloway probably made a mistake when he recently twittered about a victory in Blackburn. But it’s left many wondering was it just that or a plan for another future labour takeover?

Announcing yesterday “Welcome to the 6000 new followers. I will try to live up to your expectations. Shattered but happy after the Blackburn triumph”

Realising his mistake he hastily then tweeted : Bradford is now home for me“, but his next tweet suggests that his account had been hacked! A mistake perhaps or maybe he’s envisaging taking over a further victory in the days to come – maybe the odious Jack Straw needs to watch his own seat.

Not all agree with George Galloway, and I must admit I don’t agree with everything he’s said or when I do I don’t always like his opinionated expression of views – but maybe that un-diplomatic tenaciousness in putting his point across is the only way to get things across sometimes.

Galloway was a prominent critic of Saddam Hussein‘s regime in the 1980s but then became a embassador for overturning economic against Iraq in the 1990s. He became ‘friendly’ with ex-president Saddam Hussein and it’s then Prime Minister Tariq Aziz obviously in his role. He has spoken out against the treatment of Palestine in the Israeli/Palestine conflict (but maintains relations even within the Jewish community). Thus it’s o wonder confusion might arise sometimes to his allegiance to diametrically opposed political situations – but at heart he fights against poverty, injustice, racism, capitalism and obviously war. He thought Saddam a dictator, he met him – but disagreed with the military intervention; but so did the UN .

Anyone who defames him is immediately told to back down or spend a day in court with him – these victims are endless. His self-importance and self-publicity then shrines through these appearances. Channel4 news didn’t serve well with him either, after only a two-minute interview with Channel 4′s Cathy Newman before he tore off his microphone claiming he had more important interviews to hold. Newman said that she “had at least 10 more questions to go when he ripped his mic off”.

He could best be remembered for taking on the public during his radio shows, and with great zeal; often demonstrating some form of common sense. He should rightly be the antithesis of anything that is ‘Labour’ – I hope he proves to be nail in the Labour (or rather New Labour) party coffin. Labour lost its socialist values. I believe that there hasn’t been any change in Conservatism since 1979 – as new New Labour merely continued it.

I don’t agree with him on everything; he even at times is iritating but I’m glad to see some opposition to New Labour’s policies. The Labour party forgot many of it’s grassroots socialist views – I know I campaigned for them in 1997 – the party became a parady of Orwells “Animal Farm” as it tried to accomodate lower upper & middle class voters and excluding and ignoring working class. They won elections alright but became unrecognisable in policy looking more Conservative daily and allowing an unregulated financial market to take the country to meltdown, just as Thatcher in the 80s.

Love him or hate him – maybe he’s not entirely virtuous – but he speaks his mind even antagonisly getting that point of his across. .

Below a clip of one of his famous radio shows; here speaking to a caller who identifies himself as a nazi sympathiser.

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