Terror Suspect accepts £20,000 police settlement

Nottinghamshire Police recently decided to settle with an out of court payment in the case of Rizwaan Sabir the student who emailed a copy of the “Al-Qaeda Training manual on the internet.

Mr Sabir was held for a week in  police custody as a terror threat and released a week without charge.

The Police have maintained his arrest was necessary and the detention reasonable give the spespected offience. Mr Sabir maintaining that his arrest and detention were unlawful, and amounted to a  false imprisonment.

Mr Sabir said  he’d emailed his a copy of Al-Quada manual to a  friend helping him draft his PHD into  counter-terrorism at the University of Nottingham and that the manual was not only on the internet but a fuller version available at the University’s own library or bookshops including Waterstones and W H Smith.

Mr Sabir felt the police over zealously in his arrest, however Nottinghamshire police while apologising for a search of his vehicle in November 2010 deny acting disproportionately in his arrest that the out of court settlement acted as a less expensive apology for the search of his vehicle.

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