Soldiers in the Royal Logistic Corps are to get a boost to their driving skills thanks to a hi-tech virtual training computer package, which will test their ability to cope under fire.

Under a contract potentially worth some £2M the Joint Combat Operation Virtual Environment (JCOVE) uses the commercial ‘serious game’ application called Virtual Battlespace and will enable the British Armed Forces to practice Tactics Techniques and Procedures for road convoy operations in a realistic virtual environment. The package includes a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) communication system to allow trainees to speak to each other through headsets as per operations, steering wheel and pedal sets for vehicle control and classroom control software to allow the instructors to maximise training effectiveness.

Soldiers learn how to operate under fire and how to react under a variety of events and scenarios including being under fire, road side bombs and ambush.

(c) MOD/COI – COI ref 164956P

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