Provocation defence to be abolished – Men no longer to get away with murder

Minister for Women Harriet Harman today published a new report "Women’s Changing Lives" which charts progress made on the Government’s priorities for women.

The report coincides with Government announcement of new laws on homicide which will end the provocation defence for example in cases of domestic homicide where the husband escapes murder charge by blaming his wife for ‘provoking’ him by her infidelity.


  1. Nobody should "get away" with murder, however it does seem that the law is becoming very unbalanced regarding the sexes.  I thought womens rights was about equality, not favoritism.  Pen.

  2. Hi Penny,
    I suppose that the new change in law to exclude a defence of provocation means an end to crime passionnel in this country for once and for all. Though the defence of a crime of passion in the past was used by both sexes, it’s extraordinary that a ‘provocation’ defence still actually existed up to now!

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