Don’t Blame Social Media?

What happens when you mix Law with Social Media? This two part documentary shown in the UK  on C4 Real Lives, and on Channel 5 from Hey Buddy Films.

Here is a compendium of misjudgement and poorly thought out decisions that brought attention and often public humiliation. Many people break rules or laws unwittingly. Even from the onset of the birth of social media platforms it’s been a good idea to think before posting. Now though social media is an even bigger influence in our lives with a larger smorgasbord of ever newer applications to use.

Most of us are bewildered as to how we could in some circumstances break laws in our desire to communicate and publish, or to what effect giving intimate information could result in. What are the implications or response to publishing evidence of criminality – these entertaining documentaries explain how all of us must remember that social media is just that, social and public.

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“The fact of the matter is that Facebook is bigger than ever. And it is true that Facebook has changed the way we live and function on a daily basis. Most of us check Facebook on a daily basis, even more than five to ten times.”

— Documentary Tube
Jedd Watts got unwanted media attention following a newspaper sting after boasting he could get drugs

These documentary films explore those mistakes. They include a young man called Jedd who in a Facebook Cannabis appreciation page encountered a newspaper sting operation after he wrote to a Facebook user about obtaining cannabis and gained unwanted and damaging publicity from the newspaper.

Gareth Crosskey, 21, from West Sussex, admitted hacking Gomez’s Facebook

Gareth Crosskey, 21, from West Sussex, admitted hacking Selena Gomez‘s Facebook and creating a Hollywood media uproar and later investigated by federal authorities.

While many may view Facebook as ultimately “destroying” our social lives and trivialising our interactions,  there are many also who believe the social media has improved or enhanced our lives and lifestyles through  instant communication of expression or journal of experience. No matter which group you belong to, this documentary will help you understand the impact of social media on our daily tasks.

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