Bidder 70–Tim DeChristopher, Environmental Activist


Tim DeChristopher is an American climate activist and co-founder of the environmental group Peaceful Uprising. On December 19, 2008 he protested a Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease auction of 116 parcels of public land in Utah’s Redrock country by successfully bidding on 14 parcels of land (totalling 22,500 acres) for $1.8 million with no intention of paying for this
His act was a act of civil peaceful disobedience against what he saw as the mass-destruction and wrongful accumulation of land.

DeChristopher was removed from the auction by federal agents, taken into custody, and questioned. DeChristopher served 21 months in prison, from July 2011 through to April 2013. He is now the feature of a new film about his environmental work and the protest he made in   “Bidder 70”

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