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Cicero Lounge
My aim in creating this little cornerof cyberspace is to share documents that cover a whole range of reading tastes, everything from politics; the 
latest breaking news items, information on politics and government and even the odd provide exposed "secrets" or open debate on widely held conspiracy theories.
Here I will be publishing (with kind permission) news from Amnesty International Urgent Action;  Liberty Factfiles and campaigns (National Council of Civil Liberties – NCCL), Information from pressure groups and NGO’s who deal with human rights, housing, employment  and trade union rights.
I’ve also published forthcoming events from the Greater Manchester Fabian Society and also articles from Fabian Magazines I’ve collected over the years.
The board is full of discussion and it’s my intention to create lots of topics of discussion for everyone to feel free to participate and comment on. Although alot of the discussion is serious in it’s nature, its my intention to also provide a light hearted approach to some of this discussion – I won’t however appreciate any poster who
is aggressive in their posting, delamatory or whose interntion is to be offensive towards other posters in the Cicero Lounge Blog area. Apart from that, I’m happy to respond to anyone who wants to start a topic of discussion.
There are quite alot of files in the DOCUMENT, PUBLIC DOCUMENT file areas already and this area is growing every day as I upload newsletters, reports, research papers and the like into this area. You will be amazed at the information that I’ve posted into the areas so far – mainly Bills and Acts of UK Parliament, Reports from the Oxford Group, NCCL/Liberty, Spying and Intelligence information, MOD and military information, why not take a look today!
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